Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Butter Cream Icing

I have always wanted to make delicious creamy icing myself to top on cakes or cupcakes. I have found a recipe that uses butter and icing sugar that has a very smooth texture. You know... most of the time home made icing is not really smooth as the shops' .... home made icing had been coarse that u can still feel the sugar granulesin your mouth eventhough u use icing sugar....

Why don't u try my icing recipe here... will guarantee you a smooth texture with real buttery taste.

150g butter @ room temperature
1 cup icing sugar.... add more if you want it sweet ( i prefer s'thing not so sweet)
1/2 cup hot water (this is the trick that dilutes the sugar granules)

How to make:
Beat the butter
Add in the icing sugar 1/3 at a time... continue to beat
Add in hot water a little at a time while beating until you reach the right consistency.
** Add food coloring for colors, essence for flavor.
My Favourite is choc hazelnut flavor from nutella.


  1. thank you so much kak yati.. will try soon.. wanna link ur blog to mine.. ok je kan???

  2. ok best tu... k yati pun dh skodeng blog pija... groovy