Sunday, November 15, 2009

Easy Chocolate cake

Read my hubby's zine.. JAMIE (oliver), and found a very easy chocolate cake recipe. I have tried it (after wanting to try it from one day to another).. it has a very soft velvety texture that melted in my mouth. Just with 5 ingredients, you'll get an undeniably satisfied results. But don't get me wrong, THIS IS NOT MOIST CHOC CAKE ok... but still a delicious recipe.

150g unsalted butter
200g dark chocolate
4 eggs
100g castor sugar
100g self raising four
(Wrote this without looking at the zine OK... how easy the recipe is!)

1. preheat oven at 180C (though the original recipe said 200c, my cake was a bit burnt on the top but still taste so good after scraping it! whuhuhu... so please adjust the temperature)
2. melt the butter and dark chocolate (cut butter into cubes), set aside the mixture to cool down.
3. add in the sifted flour into the choco-butter mixture.
4. place eggs and sugar in another bowl and beat for 5 minutes (it got really fluffy u know)
5. Fold the egg mixture into the choco-butter-flour until combined.
6. Bake in round 22cm tin for 25 minutes (the recipe said leave the middle part slightly undercook).

Even though this is not a perfect try, will definitely bake again this cake but at lower temperature so that its gonna be perfect next time.... so with the undercook part, why??? i think (without my formal education in cooking okey!... don't laugh if i were wrong and please correct me...) to retain the moisture in the cake, or else you might get it dry.... not tasty anymore!

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