Friday, December 10, 2010

Its been so long....

owh wow its the end of the year now? why haven't i been updating the blog? donno....
these were my latest creations.... Daliya is 7 years old now, she turned seven on 3 rd Dec and the mini cuppy, I made for madrasah year end party... didn't make the full size cause ya know kids don't eat much so... little cuppies for the little ones.... talking about this, i haven't taken my container yet from the madrasah from the party! uhuhuhu...

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Special request by Sis Cik

Chocolate Volcano
180g Unsalted butter
170g Cooking Chocolate
½ cup sugar
½ cup self raising flour
½ cup cocoa powder
3 eggs
3 egg yolks

Melt cooking chocolate and butter in lo power in the microwave. Set the mixture aside to cool.
On hi speed, cream the eggs, egg yolks and sugar for 5 min or until fluffy and lighter yellow color.
Lower the speed, add in the sifted flour and cocoa powder a little at a time. Alternately add in the chocolate mixture until all mixture and cocoa flour finished (preferably 1/3 at a time).
Bake in cup cakes paper @ 180*C for 15-20 minutes.
Makes 12

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

My Eggy Tart

Egg tart is one of my favourite dessert or kuih. I remember buying it on my way to school from a chinese family bakery in Ipoh Town on Saturday. Well the shop was not as grand as today's bakery we can see with big signboard or neon lights. BUT the egg tart was so delicious that the shells were perfectly cooked, crispy yet crumbly. The filling were soft and wobbly that just melted in my mouth!

That was 15 years ago, today I couldn't eat from any other outlet except from Muslims. just can't anymore! Well as i grow older (??? do I mean it?) i tend to be more fussy of where i eat, what i eat... especially i' m feeding my kids too! I want to make sure all HALAL and toyiba only! So i go only to Muslim outlets.

So enjoy the pictures of the egg tart created by Nur Hayati Abdul Rahman.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Cream Caramel

This is Imran's favourite desserts. He could have it everyday. I made this (in the photo) when Shiera (Sharifah Shahira) and her family came over for BBQ. What a great celebrity she is. Nice and friendly, so down to earth. She's pretty too! Hope u had a wonderful time in my place at the BBQ dinner.

My husband has known Shiera for about 5 years I think, since he started his 1st TV show. At that time hubby had a segment called "Makan Apa Boss" in the family magazine program NTV7 'Famili Ria'. there were more than 150 episodes aired. Then he did 'Jemput Makan' with Shiera as well, then the latest was BBQ episode of 'Ala Carte'... well shiera n Ijoy it was a pleasure to have u that evening.

5 large eggs
2 cups sugar
500 ml fresh milk
100 ml double cream
1/2 tsp vanilla essence

Caramelised 1 cup of sugar, pour in the mould.
Mixed eggs and the remaining sugar in large bowl. (Don't beat the poor eggs!)
Warm milk and cream in a pot, then pour in the eggs mixture, stir till the sugar dissolve. Pour in the mould.
Bake in the oven *(bain-marie method/water bath)

*A bain-marie (also known as a water bath) is a French term for a piece of equipment used in science, industry, and cooking to heat materials gently and gradually to fixed temperatures, or to keep materials warm over a period of time
(source: Wikipedia)

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Daliya!

Daliya was born on 3rd Dec 2003 while I was doing my MBA in Griffith University, Australia. She is shy to those new but when she got to know them, beware... she can gets really cheeky then.... she likes stories and doesn't eat much. She is always sweet to mummy and would always ask for things in the nicest manner. I love you Daliya. She did not want a present this year so DAD decided to buy her 2 new ESPRIT tops when the other bros and sis get only one.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY DALIYA!

I baked the cupcakes for her to share with friends in PREP P (P-purple) Purple is daliya's fav colour, lucky you to be in purple class too. So the cake background was purple with little flowers and fairies.... The topping is butter cream, and the words of cos from ready made icing... hahaha! Mr Chef had helped me to roll the icing and mould it and Ta raa.... that's wahat we got...( he's also the creative director there since i'm lack of it hahaha never like art class in school before and always cincai as long as i submitted them to teacher)....

The Kueh Raya Aidil Adha

Alhamdulillah... the Hari Raya is over now, my family managed to do a little Qurban, though not a bull or an ox but only a part of it... but still with that little contribution, I have seen more rewards from Allah. Trust me, you'll never be poor by giving in Allah's course instead you'll be 1000x richer with His blessing... i can see more rezeki is coming for my family Alhamdulillah

Planned to bake so and so for the Raya but instead I had only managed those above and some chocolate almonds cookies and a chocolate cake...

After the prayer, went to Abang Nordin's (hubby's boss) hse for makan raya, then we went to the park to celebrate Eid (makan lagi!) with other Malaysians family as pictured above. This is the small community of Malaysia truly Asian of Gold Coast...

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Eidul Adha

The celebration is coming.... living in this western country, the day itself is not a public holiday... Dina is going to Q1 and Botanical Garden (school excursion), hubby has a seminar to attend... So there'll be just me and Imran (if he wanted to miss school, cause he's not the type..) and definitely Darwish...

Haven't got any plan yet for the day. I have to wait for my hubby to discuss it with the round table committee after Friday prayer today... members are of course the Malay husbands in Gold Coast... there's Capt Zahid, Dr. Khairuddin, Capt (R) Kamarul, Bro Wadi and me hubby....

The difinite plan is I'm gonna meke some kuih raya... Lists as below (planning only! not subjected to really make them... hahaha!)

1. Kuih semperit
2. Almond Squares
3. Chocolate almond cookies
4. Chocolate cake
5. Sesame cookies... hubby's favourite
6. Those are enough... murukku? yeah... wanna make murukku ubat nyamuk too...

Got to go shopping tomorrow to buy the ingredients...
Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha.... mak ayah adik2 dan kawan kawan smua....