Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Chocolate Chips Muffins

Its 10.28pm now.... yesterday i felt like eating butter cake.... went to look for the ingredients and found everything needed. Then my princess Dina came to the kitchen saw that i was preparing to bake he called my hubby to record... not me but her. she wanted to bake and recorded... we went along with her... she really enjoyed her baking and the recording.

Then later at night I saw my hubby giving out a muffins recipe to his student, simple and easy and again I felt like baking them... went back to the kitchen and baked again... yummm!!! the muffins were really easy to make and delicious. I think everyone out there should try to make them. Will post the pics later... having trouble downloading the pics from camera because my hard disc is almost full! huhue thanks for having a good camera though....

Thanks luv for the recipe and the opportunity to let me have a break from work... Allah permits everything good that we ask for... I had wished that if I could give more time to the kids, i got it when you wished to do the PhD... Alhamdulillah.


  1. boleh la kasi resepi cake tu.. mak dah try buat kek gula hangus tu.. sedap.. :D kasi resepi topping yang senang n sedap sekali tau.. hehehehe...

  2. ok.... butter cream icing paling senang