Sunday, December 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Daliya!

Daliya was born on 3rd Dec 2003 while I was doing my MBA in Griffith University, Australia. She is shy to those new but when she got to know them, beware... she can gets really cheeky then.... she likes stories and doesn't eat much. She is always sweet to mummy and would always ask for things in the nicest manner. I love you Daliya. She did not want a present this year so DAD decided to buy her 2 new ESPRIT tops when the other bros and sis get only one.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY DALIYA!

I baked the cupcakes for her to share with friends in PREP P (P-purple) Purple is daliya's fav colour, lucky you to be in purple class too. So the cake background was purple with little flowers and fairies.... The topping is butter cream, and the words of cos from ready made icing... hahaha! Mr Chef had helped me to roll the icing and mould it and Ta raa.... that's wahat we got...( he's also the creative director there since i'm lack of it hahaha never like art class in school before and always cincai as long as i submitted them to teacher)....

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