Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Darwish birthday

It's Darwish birthday today. He asked for a chocolate cake... so i've baked the cake last night (at 10.30 pm) with his help... he likes to help around in the kitchen especially when i'm baking... he always wants to help with the dishes... so sometimes i let him help with the dishes thinking that when he grew up he'll be the kind of man that helps around the house... just like his dad!

Yeah about the cake... this is a new recipe from chef Farid's blog. Its the moist chocolate cake.... will review the cake taste later... decorating will be done later with my dear achik (hubby and best friend)... awish wants a star on the deco... i'm thinking of using the white chocolate to make the star.....! hehehe hope it's coming out fine!

What ever it is.... HAPPY Birthday darwish... 4 years old.... my baby is a big boy now... I love u!

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